I no longer design radiant systems. This site will give most of the information you need to choose the right radiant system and  how to choose an installer, or install yourself.
I offer a free complete pdf radiant installation book.  Email me at  onlyawatchman@gmail.com

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   Over one hundred pages of practical information about installing and designing radiant floor heat.  I built this web site in 1995; it is designed and maintained to help the average home owner realize how affordable and how easy a radiant heating system is to install.
   This site is dedicated to the advancement of affordable radiant floor heating. There is a very large gap between the theoretical information furnished by the manufacturers of heating equipment and the information needed by the person actually installing the system. Many tradesmen do not have the experience required to design, install and troubleshoot radiant heating systems. Plus the fact that many people are promoting their products with little regard to fact. Most plumbers have plumbed hundreds of homes but few have installed successful radiant heating systems. They have served several years apprenticeship for plumbing but are relying on the tubing manufacturer or wholesaler to give them information for installing. My hope is that you can use the information on the web site to help you design and install your radiant heating system, thousands of people around the world have.

  A well designed radiant system with a 96% efficient condensing heater, stainless steel indirect water heater, Pex tubing, brass manifolds, thermostats and all necessary equipment to install it will normally cost less than $3.00 per Sq. Ft., less than $2.00 for a slab on grade. The larger the home the less the cost of equipment per Sq. Ft. A 5,000 Sq. Ft home will cost less than $2.00  per Sq. Ft. even using the very best equipment. A small addition between 400 to 800 Sq. Ft. normally costs about $400.00 to $800.00 using your present water heater. Water heaters start at less than $700.00 for an 87% efficient wall hung modulating combination heater.