Control the COMFORT of your Home, Condo or Cabin over the INTERNET

  • Do you own a VACATION HOME (cabin, cottage condo or rental property)?
  • Does your vacation home have high speed INTERNET (dsl, cable or satellite)?
  • Do you want your vacation home to be COMFORTABLE when you or your tenant arrives?
  • Do you want complete control of temperature settings from a REMOTE location?
  • Do you want the capability of MONITORING your vacation home when you are not there?
  • Do you want to be NOTIFIED by EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE in case of a sudden rise or


I chose this product because of the simplicity and support they offer.

Sales and Technical Support:
(800) 838-8860
(763) 591-9557


Designed to install yourself, the BAYweb thermostat is the least expensive and most full featured Internet enabled thermostat available. There are no additional or ongoing fees required.

Connectivity is simple with Bay's Plug-N-Go networking technology. No network or router changes, or network experience is required. Just connect the
BAYweb thermostat control module to your router with a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable.

  • The BAYweb thermostat gives the ability to heat up or cool down your vacation home before your arrive using your home or office computer or web enabled cell phone.
  • You can monitor the current room temperature and remotely adjust the temperature set point to a level that will provide you or your tenants comfort upon arrival.
  • You can also change modes, fan setting and set 4 heat and 4 cooling programs for each day of the week.
  • There are no prompts to remember, just point, drag and click your mouse.
  • Graphs are available showing your energy usage and costs.
  • When in the residence, you have complete control over your heating-cooling system using the KEYPAD that replaces your current thermostat.
  • The BAYweb thermostat can alert you by email or text message if a problem occurs such as High or Low temperature extremes or an activation of an alarm input by an external normally open or normally closed "dry contact" such as a water sensor, door or window switch, etc.
  • These email and text message alerts are delivered to your mobile phone and to a list of email addresses you select.