I have been designing and installing hydronic radiant floor heat for thirty years.
The single most important thing I have learned is that,
"there is nothing more important than doing it right the first time."

Fred, Finally I've gotten a chance to let you know how my Radiant system you designed works. In a word - fantastic. I had 2 "experts" in my area physically see what I was doing, and after hearing the specs on equipment and design, their input was that it wouldn't work, or it would but kill me in operating cost. Too many zones, need transfer plates, boiler ( the Bock) was wrong, and other things I can't remember anymore. They freaked me out, but I figured "I gotta trust Fred". Well. in spite of both front and back doors leaking air terribly ( they are going to be replaced by the manufacturer) the basement insulation being installed upside-down, no trim installed yet, no furniture or people in the house, I am heating a 3700 sf. house at the base of a cold mountain (Pocono Mts.) with a prevailing wind from the north with the average temp the past month of about 20 degrees on a little less than 2 gallons of oil per day. One expert said I'd be lucky to heat on 600 gallons for the season. At this rate, it looks like I can do it on 200 to 250 gallons max. I didn't put quite enough pex in my garage floor ( 3 car garage) but it stays 60 degrees in there, drops to 57 when the temp outside was 0. That's still good, I think. The rest of the house feels awesome, at 65 degrees people complain it's too warm. Wow. It cost us around $11,000 with 2 -275 gal. oil tanks, and I installed all of it myself, with some help from my father , who used to install oil heat in the 1960's thru the 1990's. He's amazed, also. We are thrilled with this heating system so far. Just thought you would like to know.   Thanks,  Lonnie & Cheri

  Fred, I just visited your site, I'm a licensed Plumbing Contractor in NJ was installing Radiant heat 20 years ago, used Vanguard, In floor, Wisbro, Bio-energy, Staple up under Floor, Installed on Sub floor with Gypcrete & Mud jobs, Used mostly 3/8 tubing got out of the business 10 years ago.
  What I gained from my experience is most of the MFG and Supplies over complicated the install process and drove up the cost substantially. Some of my best installs were simple staple up using Peter Mangone Plastic staples exactly like you show, I also used high head pumps but I still put manifolds through out the house. I used Amtrol indirect water heater connected to high efficiency cast iron boilers and used zone valves on each manifolds. Looks like you have even simplified a few steps more. These were the installs that I was told would not work by the mfg! They worked fantastic.
  Great info I really enjoyed the way you presented it, I'm building a new home for myself and plan to install Radiant Heat throughout, I'm going to layout it out with 1/2" max 500' The home is 3000 SQ feet.
Again Thanks for sharing your insight and experience.
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Hi Fred,  we have now gone through our second winter with our radiant heat system and it has been wonderful. Never having done anything like this before (installing radiant heat), your help was invaluable and made the project almost foolproof. I want to express my deepest thanks for all the help you were and the installation manual you provided is a masterpiece. All the illustrations and diagrams were easy to follow and showed me exactly what I needed to do to have a successful, working system without making any mistakes. I also must compliment you on the design you provided. It was very easy to follow and the tips and hints make it a much better system than the methods some of the other websites suggest. Your list of necessary components was exactly right-on and I didn't have to order anything extra and didn't order stuff that I didn't actually need. It all works together so well, to look at it, you would think that I knew what I was doing.. well I did, with your help. I am definitely pleased that I chose you and Radiant Design Institute to provide me with the expert knowledge so that my system would be a successful installation. Choosing someone else could have been a huge mistake and nothing but headaches. Thanks again for all you did and being there whenever I needed you. I will definitely recommend you and your company.
  Jerry,  Colorado